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By Jerry O’Brien 6-7-15 Proctor, MN
For once Mother nature cooperated and the weather for Sunday night racing at
Proctor Speedway was perfect. Eighty-two cars were in competition in the six

The qualifying heats to set the lineups for the feature events were
quickly finished and the first feature to hit the track was 20 laps for the Midwest
Jake Gondik jumped out to the early lead with Dan Kingsley, Chad vanDuker,
Tanner Hicks and Deven VanHouse following. Kingsley soon sailed past gondil to
the point as Hicks moved to third, VanDuker fourth and Kevin Eder fifth.
Kingsley raced out to a big lead over Gondik as Eder took third. At the half way
point Kingsley led Gondik, VanHouse, Hicks and John Kallas.

By this time Kingsley was lapping traffic but the first and only caution flag flew with three to
go as Keith Niemi spun off turn two. Kingsley had little trouble holding off
VanHouse with Hicks, Gondik and Mark Kangas rounding out the top five.
Next up it was 20 laps for the Super Stocks. Wt the green Nick oreskovich
jumped to the lead followed by Pat Heikkinen, Scott Lawrence, Marcus Dunbar
and Andy Davey.

Kevin Burdick was on the move and took fourth battling with
Lawrence for third. Also moving into the top five was Tristan LaBarge. The first
caution flag flew when rookie Spencer Sorenson spun off turn four. With 14 laps
remaining Oreskovich led Lawrence, Davey LaBarge and Burdick with the top
five running in a bunch. Oreskovich held a slim two car length lead over a tight
battle between Davey, Lawrence and Burdick for second.

The three got four and Lawrence spun and was charged with the caution. Oreskovich then led Davey,
Burdick, LaBarge and Heikkinen. Once again the caution flag appeared when
LaBarge appeared to get loose in turn one forcing Heikkinen off the top of the
turn. At this point Lawrence had worked his way just inside the top ten. With ten
laps to go, Oreskovich still led but Davey was trying the top side while Burdick
challenged in the low groove.

By this time a determined Lawrence had cracked the top five and the final caution period occurred when Brian Carl spun in turn four
with eight laps remaining. Davey got a great restart and got past Oreskovich while
Burdick worried at Oreskovich’e bumper for second. Davey went on to take the
win with Burdick also getting by Oreskovich to second. Lawrence and Shawn
McFadden,Jr were top five finishers.
The Modified main event got off to a bad start as Darrell Nelson, Nikki
Wradizlo and Bob Broking got tied up in turn one. Nelson was charged and sent to
the back. Kevin Eder took the lead at the offical green flag ahead of Scott
Heikkinen, Brian Mikkonen, Jeff broking and deven vanHouse. Eder led but Jeff
Broking took over second with Mikkonen, VanHouse and Johnny Broking
following. Eder was riding the rim while Jeff Broking hugged the low groove.
Most drivers were staying low but a couple, Jody Bellefeuille and VanHouse tried
to make something happen up high. With nine laps remaining Wrazidlo spun
bringing out the caution flag. Jeff Broking took the lead on the restart but Eder
was able to rebound and snatch it back. VanHouse, Mikkonen and Bellefeuille
weere near the front, but VanHouse’s run ended when he rolled to a halt on the
back stretch. The restart saw Eder continue to lead as he held on for the win over
Jeff Broking, Nelson, Bellefeuille and Mikkonen.
As Eder was interviewed after his win, Darrell nelson hustled back to his pit
stall to strap himself into his Lae model for 25 laps of action. At the green flag
cory Jorgenson beat Terry Lillo to the first turn and took the early lead. Nelson
soon overtook Lillo and ran second to Jorgenson with Dave Esse running third.
The caution flag appeared when Todd Gehl’s mount stalled on the back stretch.
With four laps recorded the green flag flew followed quickly by the yellow as
harry hanson stopped his car at the top of turn one. There were 19 laps to go when
racing resumed. Gehl tried to rejoin the field but officials sent him off as he was
two laps down. Hanson, however was able to change a tire and rejoin at the rear.
Nelson led Jorgenson, Lillo, Kyle Peterlin and Jeff Massingill at the half way
point with Tim McMann, Esse, Hanson Zach Wohlers and Robbie Cooper in the
top ten. Nelson was in cruise control mode as the cars were spread out around the
track. Jorgenson slowed suddenly and pulled off leaving Lillo in second where he
stayed the rest of the way. Massingill, Peterlin and Mcmann finished in the top
The fireworks for the night was left to the Pure Stocks who had a pair of red
flag conditions in their 15 lap feature. The first came right away as the green flag
flew a gaggle of cars all fighting for the same piece of real estate clashed in the
fourth turn. Lucas Carlson’s was turned sideways and hit broadside by Erik
Pederson. The impact lifted up the side of Carlson’s car and rollled it once over on
it’s wheels. Carlson and Pederson were uninjured but both were out of
competition. The restart was a mob scene with Ryan Madsen taking the lead over
Dustin Follett and Josh Loucks with Matt Hammitt and Kevin Getchell in the mix.
Follett jumped past Madsen to the lead and Loucks closed up to battle for second.
As they were attempting to lap the slower car of Nick Ziegler, Madsen became
entangled with Ziegler who spun around and rolled onto his roof bringing out the
second red flag period. Ziegler was not injured according to reports. The restart
saw Follett lead Loucks, Mike Sirois, Austin Blom and a resurgent Madsen to the
checkered flag.
Competition wrapped up with 10 laps for the newest class, the four cylindeer
Hornets. The race started out with a caution flag as Richard Loucks’ car stalled on
the back stretch. The next try also saw a stalled car, this time it was Ryan Lind in
turn four. At this stage officials cut the race to eight laps and it looked as though
last weeks winner Derek Ament was going to repeat but Kyle Ledoux had other
ideas and forced his way past Ament for the win.
Results Proctor Speedway 6-7-15 (82 cars)
WISSOTA Late Model (12 cars)
Feature (25 laps): Darrell Nelson hermantown; Terry Lillo Duluth; Jeff Massingill
Keewatin; Kyle Peterlin Hibbing; Tim McMann Duluth; Harry hanson Eveleth;
Dave Esse Cloquet; Zach Wohlers Kelly Lake; Robbie Cooper South Range DNF:
Jcory Jorgenson Hermantown; Josh Johnson Superior; Todd Gehl, Solon Springs
Heat 1: Peterlin; Lillo; Gehl; Jorgenson; McMann DNF: Hanson
Heat 2; Esse; Nelson; Massingill; Wohlers; Cooper; Johnson
WISSOTA Modified (15 cars)

Feature (20 laps): Kevin Eder Ashland; Jeff Broking Grand Rapids; Darrell
Nelson Hermantown; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth; Brian Mikkonen Iron River; Scott
Heikkinen Eveleth; Neil Balduc Bessemer; Nick Musel Duluth; Nikki Wrazidlo
Duluth; Jeffery Wood Chisholm DNF: Johnny Broking Grand Rapids; Rick Niemi
Eveleth; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Bob Broking Grand Rapids DNS: Greg
Chesley Duluth
Heat 1: Johnny Broking; Heikkinen; VanHouse; Mikkonen; Niemi; Chesley;
Heat 2; Jeff Broking; Eder; Nelson; Musel; Niemi; Wrazidlo; balduc
WISSOTA Super Stock (14 cars)
Feature (20 laps): Andy Davey Hibbing; Kevin Burdick Proctor; Nick Oreskovich
Mason; Scott Lawrence Superior; Shawn McFadden, Jr. Ashland; Tristan LaBarge
Kelly Lake; Willie Johnsen, Jr. Superior; Marcus Dunbar Marenisco; Kevin Salin
Iron; Ronnie Malecki Superior; Peter Jokenin Mellen; Brian Carl Duluth; Spencer
Sorenson Duluth DNF: Pat Heikkinen
Heat 1: LaBarge; Oreskovich; Dunbar; Davey; Johnsen; Malecki; Jokenin
Heat 2: Lawrence; Burdick; Heikkinen; Salin; Carl; Sorenson
WISSOTA Midwest Modified (18 cars)

Feature (20 laps): Dan Kingsley Superior; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Tanner
Hicks Ashland; Jake Gondik Foxboro; Mark Kangas Eveleth; Cody Carlson
Superior; Tyler Luger Iron River; Kevin Eder Ashlamd; Chad VanDuker
Meadowlands; John Kallas Hurley; Tyler Vernon Ashland; Josh heavirland
Cloquet; Keith Niemi Forest Lake; Eric Anderson Buhl; Norm Anderson Superior;
Justin Madsen Foxboro DNF: Jeremy Theisen Hibbing DNS: Josh Overn Barnum
Heat 1: Kingsley; Hicks; VanHouse; VanDuker; Kallas; Anderson; Thiesen;
Madsen; E. Anderson
Heat 2: Gondik; Eder; Carlson; Kangas; Luger; Heavirland; Vernon; Niemi; Overn
Pure Stocks (16 cars)
Feature (15 laps)” Dustin Follett Cloquet; Josh Loucks Carlton; Mike Sirois
Hermantown; Austin Blom Saginaw; Kevin Getchell Cloquet; Matt Hammitt
Cloquet; Jon Hammitt Cloquet; Shaina Rapp Saginaw; Andy Poll Two Harbors
DNF: Nick Ziegler Alborn; Mark Korte Duluth; Lucas Carlson Cloquet; Erik
Pederson Alborn; Aaron Olson Kelly Lake DNS: Kyle House Cloquet
Heat 1: Carlson; Pederson; Madsen; Rapp; J. Hammitt; Ziegler DNF: Korte DNS:
Heat 2: Follett; Loucks; M. Hammitt; Getchell; Blom; Olson; Poll; Sirois
Hornets (7 cars)
Feature: (8 laps) Kyle LeDoux Duluth; Derek Ament Mahtowa; Sammie Pierson
Duluth DNF: Craig Lofdahl Duluth; Ryan Lind Cloquet; Kyle House Cloquet;
Richard Loucks Wrenshall
Heat Lofdahl; Ament; House; Lind; Pierson; loucks; LeDoux

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