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Proctor Race Results 7-13-14



By Jerry O’Brien 7-13-14 Proctor MN

The South St. Louis County Fair wrapped up Sunday July 13 and the final
act was a night of stock car racing. A total of 79 cars the best total of the
season were in competition and a good crowd of fans were in attendance.
The track turned into one where high groove momentum would rule the day,
a situation that can be dangerous as it forces drivers to run a line that can lead
to disaster with just a tiny error.

The first round of qualifying heats were complete by 6:30 and, after a
brief intermission for track grooming it was time for the five feature events to

First up were the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds with all 23 in attendance
ready to do battle for 20 laps. Brainerd, Minnesota’s Danny Vang was
looking for his fourth main event win at the speedway and went for the lead
at the green flag from the outside of the front row. Pole sitter Justin Bassa,
Mack Estey, Don Scholler and Carey LePage followed but Vang moved out
to an early three car length lead.

Estey eased into second with Bassa third and
Scholler fourth. Further back LePage and Cody Carlson battled for fifth.
Carlson moved into the top five as Vang eased out to a five car length lead.
Carlson closed in on the third place battle as the half way point was reached.
On the 11th lap the first of four caution periods occurred as Jesse Ogston
slipped over the top of the third turn. On the restart with Vang out front, Jake
Gondik and Skeeter Estey banged together on the front stretch resulting in a
spin for Estey. Gondik was charged with the incident and there were still nine
laps remaining at the restart. Vang again led the pack to the green ahead of
Mack Estey while Scholler made his way to third ahead of Bassa and
Carlson. Skeeter Estey made a charge on the outside and got by Carlson into

The fourth and final caution flag gave Mack Estey the chance he
needed and he drove hard to the outside of Vang to grab the lead. Everyone
was using the top groove as the laps diminished but Skeeter Estey tried a
move on Vang for second but could not pull off the pass. Mack Estey took
the win his first feature win at the Proctor Speedway. Vang, Skeeter Estey,
Scholler and Bassa were the top five finishers.
The Super Stocks could only produce 10 cars and all started the 20 lap
feature. Ronnie Malecki and Dan Yrjanson led the field to the green and
Yrjanson took the point followed by Malecki, Willie Johnsen, Jr, Scott
Lawrence and Pat Heikkinen. Lawrence moved into third but it was Johnsen
who made the jump to outside into the lead off turn two. Lawrence was on
the move into second and closed on Johnsen and Kevin Burdick eased up into
third from the third row.

Brian Carl turned his car around in turn two
bringing out the only caution flag of the event. The restart came with 15
circuits yet to be completed. Lawrence tried to make a move for the race lead
but Johnsen held him off while Burdick and Heikkinen battled for third.
Burdick took the position while Yrjanson was still in contention a ways back
from fourth place Heikkinen. Once again the race became a high side
momentum one as the ten lap point was reached. Johnsen, Lawrence,
Heikkinen, Burdick and Yrjanson were still the top five and stayed that way
for the rest of the race with little change behind them. Johnsen won his first
win at the speedway for the season. Johnsen also turned the fastest lap with
an 18.636 second lap at an average speed of 72.4 MPH.

A good field of 14 WISSOTA Late Models took to the track for 25 laps
but the initial start was waved off when someone hit the start cone in the first
turn. The next start was a good one and Zach Wohlers used the outside front
row starting spot to shoot into the lead. Aaron Lillo and Tim McMann dueled
for second and McMann tooked the spot. Harry Hanson and Kyle Peterlin
were in the top five when Cory Jorgenson looped in the first turn bringing
out the caution flag with three laps in the books. The restart saw Wohlers
keep the lead as Nelson shot past, battled with McMann and landed in
second. Jeff Provinzino was fourth and Hanson moved into fifth.

Nelson closed on Wohlers trying to make the bottom work but to no avail. Just as
the half way point was reached the caution flag again appeared as Hanson
spun off turn three. Nelson again tried to wrest the lead from Wohlers at the
green flag by using the low groove but the top side momentum allowed him
to keep the lead. Wohlers was the leader ahead of Nelson, McMann,
Provinzino and Aaron Lillo all on the high side.

The only battle on the track was between Terry Lillo and Dave Esse for seventh, one that was joined by, Harry Hanson as the final laps were run. Wohlers dominated the event for his
first feature win at the speedway. He also had the fastest lap turning the track
in 17.980 seconds for an average speed of 75.1MPH.

Eighteen Modifieds rolled out onto the speedway for 20 laps of feature
action led by Cory Sersha and Nick Musel. The first attempt at a start went
awry when Musel was forced up high in the first turn and spun out into the
pit entrance. It was the original lineup for the next try and Sersha bolted to
the lead as Musel fell into second followed by Kelly Estey Dustin Nelson and
two time winner E. J. Hietala. Sersha held the early lead pressured by Musel
in the high line and Estey working the middle of the track.

They were joined by Hietala and the battle for the lead was on. Jeff Broking moved up into the
fifth spot and Musel slipped over the line at the top of turns three and four
losing positions back to eighth by the time he regained control. Estey took
the lead over Sersha, Broking, Hietala and Dustin Nelson as the half way
point was quickly reached. Darrell Nelson, Deven VanHouse, Musel, Sam
Skalsky and Jody Bellefeuille were in the back half of the top ten at this
point. Hietala surged into second and he and leader Estey raced away from
third place Broking with Dustin Nelson fourth and Sersha in fifth. Estey
began to lap cars at the back of the pack but Hietala got caught by the narrow
area in the high groove and slipped back as Broking shot by into second. Just
as the white flag appeared Phil Gavel spun in turn three setting up a two lap
dash to the checkers.

Estey was equal to the task and went on to win his
second feature of the season. He was followed by Broking, Hietala, Darrell
Nelson and Sersha. All 18 starters were running at the end and Hietala turned
the fastest circuit with a time of 19.040 for an average speed of 70.9 MPH.
It was 14 Pure Stocks for 15 laps to wrap up the 2014 South St. Louis
County Fair races.

The Hammitt brothers Matt on the pole and Jon on his right shoulder led the field to the green flag. The brother duo at the front was broken up when Lucas Carlson wedged his way between to take second behind Matt.

Glenn Dammer, Mike Sirois, Josh Loucks and Matt Deragon
raced in a tight pack and, after much close racing, the top five were Carlson,
Loucks, Dammer, Matt Hammitt and Sirois. Further back there was contact
between Dustin Follett and Deragon resulting in a Deragon spin. Follett was
charged with the foul just a third of the way through. The restart saw the
order in the top five stay the same except Sirois had gotten by Matt Hammitt.

The mid point was quickly reached with the order essentially the same except
Carlson, Loucks and Dammer had put some distance on the fourth place car
of Mike Blevins. Carlson led Loucks as the checkered flag neared. Then
Loucks put on a charge and he and Carlson raced the white flag lap like they
were welded together. Loucks was able to edge ahead at the checkered flag to
take the narrow win. Carlson, Dammer, Blevins were the top four and Matt
Hammitt edged brother Jon for fifth.

Proctor Speedway 7-13-14 So. St. Louis Co. Fair Races (79 cars)
WISSOTA Late Model (18 cars)

Feature (25 laps) Zach Wohlers Kelly Lake; Darrell Hermantown; Tim
McMann Duluth; Jeff Provinzino Hibbing; Aaron Lillo Proctor; Kyle
Peterlin Hibbing; Harry Hanson Eveleth; Terry Lillo duluth; Dave Esse
Cloquet; Todd Gehl Solon Springs; Scott herrick Proctor; Dustin lunde
Saginaw DNF: Robbie Cooper South Range; Cory Jorgenson Hermantown
Heat 1: Hanson; Wohlers; Gehl; McMann; Esse; Cooper DNF: T. Lillo
Heat 2: Nelson; Provinzino; Peterlin; A. Lillo; Jorgenson; Herrick; Lunde
Fastest Late Model Lap: Zach Wohler 17.980 seconds Ave MPH 75.1

WISSOTA Modified (18 cars)
Feature (20 laps) Kelly Estey Kelly Lake; Jeff Broking Grand Rapids; E. J.
Hietala Cloquet; Cory Sersha Eveleth; Dustin Nelson Ogilvie; Deven
VanHouse Silver Bay; Nick Musel Duluth; Sam Skalsky Hibbing; Jody
Bellefeuille Duluth; Destin Lorimor Superior; Gavin Paull Ft. Francis; Paul
Schultz Grand Rapids; Brian Mikkonen Iron River; Cory Jorgenson
Hermantown; Scott Heikkinen Eveleth; Nikki Wrazidlo Duluth; Phil Gavel

Ft. Francis

Heat 1: Bellefeuille; Mikkonen; Hietala; Skalsky; Schultz; Wrazidlo
Heat 2: Dustin Nelson; Sersha; Darrell Nelson; VanHouse DNF: Heikkinen
Heat 3: Estey; Broking; Musel; Paull; Lorimor DNF: Gavel
Fastest Modified Lap: E. J. Hietala 19.040 70.9 MPH
WISSOTA Super Stock (10 cars)
Feature (20 laps) Willie Johnsen, Jr. Superior; Scott Lawrence Superior;
Kevin Burdick Proctor; Pat Heikkinen Eveleth; Dan Yrjanson Carlton;
Shawn McFadden Ashland; Ronnie Malecki Superior; Mark Smith Solon
Springs; DJ Keeler Superior DNF: Brian Carl Duluth
Heat 1: Johnsen, Jr.; Burdick; Smith; Maleck DNF: Carl
Heat 2: Lawrence; McFadden; Heikkinen; Yrjanson; Keeler
Fastest Super Stock Lap: Willie Johnsen, Jr.: 18.636 seconds 72.4 MPH
WISSOTA Midwest Modified (23 cars)
Feature (20 laps) Mack Estey Kelly Lake; Danny Vang Brainerd; Skeeter
Estey Kelly lake; Don Scholler Statesville, NC; Justin Bassa Hermantown;
Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Cody Carlson Superior; Mark Kangas Eveleth;
Andy Inman Hermantown; John Kallas Hurley; Dale Soumala Hermantown;
Dan Kingsley Superior; Carey LePage Culver; Jesse Ogston Duluth; Tyler
Vernon Ashland; Chris Bretting Washburn; Paul Suzik Ironwood; Ross Siiter
Duluth; David Simpson Thunder Bay; Dan Doran Hermantown DNF: Josh
Overn Barnum; Josh Heavirland; Jake Gondik Foxboro
Heat 1: S. Estey; LePage; Scholler; Kingsley; Inman; Vernon; Soumala DNF:
Heat 2: Carlson; Suzik; Bassa; Ogston; VanHouse; Kallas; Siiter; Overn
Heat 3: Vang; M. Estey; Kangas; Simpson; Gondik; Heavirland; Doran
Proctor Pure Stock (14 cars)
Feature (15 laps) Josh Loucks Carlton; Lucas Carlson Cloquet; Glenn
Dammer Hermantown; Mike Blevins Hibbing; Matt Hammitt Cloquet; Jon
Hammitt Cloquett; Dustin Follett Cloquet; Chad Nikstad Superior; Mike
Sirois Herman town; Shiana Rapp Saginaw; Annika Hammitt Cloquet; Matt
Cunha Hibbing DNF: Matt Deragon Ashland; Devin Reynolds Cloquet
Heat 1: loucks; Sirois; Carlson; J. Hammitt; Rapp; Cunha DQ: Follett
Heat 2: Dammer; Blevins; M. Hammitt; Deragon; Nikstad; A. Hammitt;
Next Sunday it is Meet The Drivers Night

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